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Thank you for visiting my website! You must be curious as to who “I” am, and why I am setting up this website. Here is a little info on who I am and just what my company is all about….

Ehotelsale’s founder Troy Bacon has always been fascinated by computers and travel. Computers became a focal point in Troy’s life as a teenager when he first learned qbasic and began programming. Today, Troy can write complex program in many different computer programming languages.

While Troy developed this career in programming, he also engaged in his other passion: travel. Today, he keeps a website and blog of his many travel adventures which you can read by clicking here. As he traveled, Troy began to notice more and more how difficult and time consuming the process of finding the right accommodations for travel was starting to become. He notice he had to spend more and more time chasing deals down between websites to get a good flight, a good hotel, and a rental car while he was on vacation.

Troy’s keen business sense helped him recognize the opportunity for a site that could save travelers, like himself, time and money. And thus, with the creation of a simple spreadsheet, he began to develop and build a system that would be able to collect and compare the prices for every major flight in the world and ehotelsale.com was born!

Ehotelsale has continued to grow since it was founded and today offers flights all over the world form one convenient website. Overtime, as ehotelsale has grown, we’ve added new features. Today, we are proud to be the one-stop-online-destination for travelers worldwide who are looking for cheap flights, cheap rooms, and cheap car rentals abroad.








Because i’m a frequent traveler, I know where to get the best hotels deals, flights deals, and also local car rental deals, regardless of where you are planning to visit.

I’ve affiliated with a highly reputable hotel deals network and have incorporated their database into my system to provide you with only the best deals ever existed on earth.



Here’s how it works:


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My database consists of 260,000 hotels from 220 countries. My affiliated hotel network interacts in 26 different languages, and they are willing to do business with us in over 120 different currencies!


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My flights and car rental deals are derived from a database of over 800 airlines that operate around the globe, as well as 800 local car rental agents that operate at 30,000 locations in 174 countries. There isn’t an inch uncovered within this database!

Lastly, I hope you’ve made good use of this website to plan the best-valued trip out of your budget. Thank you again for visiting my site, and happy holidays!